Parents and Carers

Successful work with students with autism does not start and finish at school and it is vital that we work well with parents and carers in helping the young person achieve their potential both at school and enabling them to adapt to the changing environments between home and school. Parents and carers are included in drafting and reviewing their child’s personalised learning plan (PLP) targets and their individual placement plan. We also encourage parents, carers and where possible the students to participate and contribute to the annual review of the Statement of Special Education Needs.

In the case of day students, we work to ensure mutually supportive home-school links, for example through our home-school book system which allows information to be passed between home and school. For example, if a young person has shown a new skill at school then we would want to share this news with his or her parents or carers. Similarly, if something has happened at home, then it helps for the school to know this.

Families are included as far as possible in every aspects of the young person’s life at Acorn Park. We work to enable residential students to maintain contact with their families through telephone and e-mail, and those who are able are encouraged to write and receive letters from home. Families of residential students are welcome to visit and spend time with their young person and where possible Acorn Park School can offer accommodation for short periods of time in the large and comfortable parents’ house.

We keep in touch with parents through a regular school newsletter, which is circulated to all parents, carers and others. This gives news about developments within the school and information about events, visits and other activities, and helps parents and carers to keep in touch with the wider life of our school community.

We hold formal and informal parent and carer review meetings where parents and carers can look at student’s work and discuss progress. We encourage parents and carers to discuss any problems as they arise, either with the class teacher, team leader, Head of Education, Head of Care or the Principal. Throughout the year parents have access to progress reports including evaluated PLPs, annual review and LAC review reports, clinical reports and records of achievement.