Work experience in Lowestoft

Over the past two weeks students from Oaktree whilst completing a work experience day in Lowestoft have visited Wetherspoons and used the train as public transport.

All student’s thoroughly enjoyed visiting wetherspoons, choosing lunch from the menu and then taking it in turns to order their food. Students were able to choose their desired lunch and use money in exchange with the sales assistant to pay for their meal.

Last week two students used the train to travel from Outlon Broad to Lowestoft. Both students waited at the train station then  watched as the train approached the platform. Students then boarded the train and were able to ask for a ticket to Lowestoft. Students then helped to pay for a return ticket. After using the shopping amenities and Library in Lowestoft students then used the train to travel back to Oulton Broad. Both students thoroughly enjoyed their fist experience on the train!