Meet Val Petch, Acorn Park’s new Registered Manager

Val Petch is our Residential Manager and leads our dedicated team who look after the children who stay with us at Acorn Park. Val brings a wealth of experience from her extensive career working with children and young people.

For the past few years Val has been responsible for a number of small residential homes in the Suffolk area. She doesn’t shy away from challenging situations and has helped young people with a whole range of challenges, including those with emotional and behavioural difficulties and those at risk of child sexual exploitation.

Regardless of their background or circumstances, Val has high expectations for all the children she cares for and is committed to helping each and every child to achieve his or her potential. This unfailing dedication is something that Val seeks to nurture within the teams she works too. Her aim is to deliver the highest possible standards of care with consistency, patience and fun.

The highly individual and personalised approach to education we take at Acorn Park is something that Val is keen to build on. She has seen the powerful and positive change that can be achieved by getting to know children and building bespoke interventions around their own interest and gifts.