Kaiya’s Special Birthday Party!

On the 14th July Kaiya had a birthday party in school.  Kaiya said earlier in the year that she had never had a friend outside school, which Mum confirmed.  As a result, she feels isolated and says she feels like a freak because she has never done the normal childhood things like having a sleepover or a birthday party and has never been invited to a party.

Staff agreed that if she earned reward tokens they would organise a party for her in school so she could experience being the birthday girl surrounded by friends. Kaiya spent time discussing her expectations and possible conflicts and worked out how she would manage these. Kaiya worked hard to get her tokens and has today dressed up and shared a super afternoon of fun with her school friends. She has shared and taken part in pass the parcel then enjoyed party food and played with others. Kaiya has had the biggest smile all afternoon and has shown some good social skills and really well controlled behaviour despite the excitement.